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Strukture of the enterprice

Branch «Gomel Heat Station 2» of RUE «GOMELENERGO»

Postal address: 247010, Gomel, Energostroiteley Lane, 2
Phone/Fax: + 375 (232) 422791, fax +375(232) 491463
Phone of reception room: +375 (232) 422791

Manager: Leshkevich Yuri Arkadiyevich
Chief engineer: 

Rated capacity of Heat Station 2:
electric – 544 MW, heat – 1,320 Gcal/h.



Branch «Svetlogorsk Heat Station» of RUE «GOMELENERGO»

Postal address: 247434, Sovetskaya St.,1а, Svetlogorsk, Gomel Region, Republic of Belarus
Phone: +375(2342)2-02-57 ,2-06-79
Fax: +375(2342) 2-08-36, 2-06-79

Manager: Lipskiy Anatoly Evgeniyevich
Chief engineer: Basharkevich Konstantin Ivanovich

Rated capacity:
electric power – 155MW; heat power of turbo units – 541.5 Gcal/h.


Branch «Mozyr Heat Station» of RUE «GOMELENERGO»

Postal address: 247760, Mozyr, Mozyr Heat Station
Phone: (02351) 72759, fax (02351) 72720
Phone of reception room: (02351) 72759

Manager: Shkala Viktor Ivanovich
Chief engineer: Mikhniyuk Alexander Vasiliyevich

Rated capacity:
electric power – 195 MW; heat power of turbo units – 435 Gcal/h.


Branch «Gomel Heat Networks» of RUE «GOMELENERGO»

Postal address: 246027, Gomel, Industialbiy Lane, 4
Phone: >+375(232) 42 22 49 – reception room
Fax +375(232) 46-09-65

Manager: Zaglubockiy Nikolay Zasimovich
Chief engineer: Pochinok Mikhail Mikhailovich


Branch «Gomel electric networks» of RUE «GOMELENERGO»

Postal address: 246020, Gomel, Barykina St., 252
Phone/fax of reception room: >+375(232) 46-05-67

Manager: Sushanov Gennadiy Anatol'evich
Chief engineer:


Branch «Zhlobin electric networks» of RUE «GOMELENERGO»

Postal address: 247210, Zhlobin, Sovetskaya St., 54
Phone/fax (8-023-34) 5-84-37
Contact phone: (8-023-34)5-84-37

Manager: Kudryavtsev Vasiliy Borisovich
Chief engineer: Yablokov Igor Valentinovich


Branch «Mozyr electric networks» of RUE «GOMELENERGO»

Postal address: 247760, Mozyr, Lelchitskoye Shosse St.
Fax: 8 (02351) 3-15-37
Phone of reception room: 8(02351)7-23-59

Manager: Sirotyn Igor Yuriyevich
Chief engineer: Malinovsky Vladimir Iosifovich


Branch «Rechitsa electric networks» of RUE «GOMELENERGO»

Postal address: 247500, Rechitsa, Energetikov St., 10
Phone/Fax: 8-02340-54574;
Contact phone: 8-02340-54624;
Phone of reception room: 8-023740-54574;

Manager: Grokhovskiy Dmitriy Roaldovich
Chief engineer: Shpakov Alexander Grigoriyevich



Postal address: 246014, Gomel, Barykina, 101b
Contact phone: >+375 (232) 74-11-84
Phone/fax: + 375 (232) 40-75-45

Manager: Silich Vladimir Petrovich
Chief engineer: Vegera Ruslan Nikolayevich

Branch «ENERGOSBYT» performs:
sale of electric and heat energy;
control over consumers for compliance with values and modes of consumption of electric and heat energy, as well as contractual stipulations for supply of energy;
arrangement and improvement of assessment of supplied heat and electric energy.


Branch «Energy inspection» of RUE «GOMELENERGO»

Postal address: 246014, Gomel, Kalinina St., 2a
Fax: +375 (232) 41-54-40
Phone of reception room: >+375 (232) 79-66-59 , 44-11-77

Аcting director: chief engineer Khromov Igor Vasiliyevich
Kind of activity: implementation of state energy inspection in order to provide safety of human life and health, stable operation of energy equipment and systems of energy supply, compliance with directions for use of electric and heat energy.



Postal address: 246020, Gomel, Barykina St., 321
Phone/Fax: 8-0232-42-43-31
Contact phone: 8-0232-796-465
Phone of reception room: 8-0232-42-43-31

Manager: Zhandarov Sergey Leonidovich
Chief engineer: Makarenko Oleg Leonidovich

Major kind of activity: implementation of construction and assembly works.


Branch «Engineering Center» RUE «GOMELENERGO»

Address: 246020, Gomel, ul. Barykina, 321b.

Phone: +375 (232) 796059
Fax: +375 (232) 796096
Director: Bykov Alexander Leonidovich
Chief engineer: Alshevsky Sergey Alexandrovich
The main tasks of the branch are:
- provision of users of information systems and networks of RUE "Gomelenergo" and other organizations with operational, complete, reliable regulated information;
-provision of reliable and uninterrupted operation of information systems of enterprise management, construction and development of the integrated automated management system (IAS) of RUE "Gomelenergo";
-provision of reliable means of telecommunications and communications, means of dispatching and technological management;
-provision of reliable and uninterrupted operation of information automated control systems for technological processes;
-provision of reliable and uninterrupted operation of corporate information network of data transmission;
-development of design estimates for construction, reconstruction and major repairs;
-conducting technical tests and research;
-production of cable couplings, bird scaring devices, energy meter boards and other related products;
-production of metering devices.


Branch «Training centre» of RUE «GOMELENERGO»

Postal address: 246001, Gomel, Frunze, 7a
Phone: >+375(232) 796266 , >+375(232) 745425
Fax: +375(232) 745425
Phone of reception room: >+375(232) 796566 , >+375(232) 745425
Contact phone: >+375(232) 796266

Manager: Pochinok Mikhail Iosifovich
Deputy manager for training and production works: Oryshko Elena Viktorovna




Postal address: 247415, village Dubrova, Gomel region, Svetlogork district, Teplyakova St., 10
Phone/Fax: >+375(2342)6-38-39
Phone of reception room: +375(2342)6-38-39

Manager of the branch: Dmitrov Sergey Nikolayevich
Chief engineer: Loginov Nikolay Anatoliyevich

Major kind of activity – production of agricultural products.


Branch «Agribusiness named after Lebedev»

Postal address: 247125, Centralnaya St., 1, village Danilovichy, Vetka district, Gomel region
Phone/Fax, phone of reception room (802330) 3-64-41

Manager: Kabov Mikhail Mikhaylovich
Chief engineer: Adamenko Alexander Nikolayevich

Major kind of activity – production of agricultural products


Республика Беларусь 246001, г. Гомель ул. Фрунзе, 9